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Turns out, most of the websites that offer you movies and shows for free are far from free, big surprise there. The ways in which they scam the people is by first, advertising their message along with the word free, which seems to have lost all its meaning, in eye-catching fonts. Once they have your attention, they take you to their website and show you all these movies and TV shows that you have always wanted to watch to draw you into their web of lies. And then, you find out that it’s not free at all or free only for a limited period of time, known as the “trial period”.

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Yep, watching movies with showbox is completely FREE! If somehow you do decide to put your trust in them and pay for all the amenities that they will be providing, sooner rather than later, you find out that you have been scammed badly. Half the movies and shows that were advertised cannot be found or the picture and sound quality is so bad that you will feel like you’re watching it in a shoddy theatre. Showbox is different. Not only is the resolution amazing, but the sound quality is also high enough to make you star struck.

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The past few years have been especially eventful and phenomenal for Hollywood with new genres of movies making their mark in the industry. The period has been strikingly different from the old Hollywood period and many new trends also seem to have been observed. First and foremost, there has been a substantial increase in the number of movies dealing with social awareness issues of one form or another. Movies like Gone Girl have dealt with pertinent social issues like domestic violence, the psychological effect of unhappy marriages and the fact that it is extremely easy to alter public opinion to suit your own needs. There has also been an influx of foreign directors and actors into the movie, apart from the Caucasian European and American ones. This signals a new era of multifaceted diversity in Hollywood, with movies like Slumdog Millionaire bagging quite a few Oscars.

Another trend that seems to be staring us in the face is the rise of the superhero franchise or the resurfacing of the comic book vigilante. Age old comic book heroes like Superman and Batman are being adapted for the big screen in movies like Superman Vs. Batman, Suicide Squad and Avengers. The two main players in this are the DCEU and the MCU, which are the branches of DC and Marvel respectively that deal with the cinematic adaptations of the same. Showbox has all these movies and more in its vast collection and you can watch them all via the Showbox movie apk.