ShowBox Help

Showbox Common Error and Fix

The number one fix for any general error on the app is uninstall your current version and download the latest version of the app and then install it again.

Why is Showbox not working on my phone

then we suggest that you check whether the version you downloaded and installed into your computer is compatible with the device you are using or with the operating system on which your device works. This is because we have different versions of our apps that have been designed for different operating systems to ensure that the compatibility is perfect, so that no issues arise in the future. Our app has different versions for iOS, Android as well as PCs. So, choose the one which is ideal for your specific device. This will make the app perform better and will go a long way in improving your movie watching experience.

Why is Showbox not working?

We have received critical feedback from some of our valued clients, who have experienced some problems with our apps. They say that on their phone, the Showbox app is not working. Either, they never worked, ever since they had been downloaded and installed onto the phone or have recently stopped functioning. In cases like these, we recommend that you delete the movie file and download it again, as chances are that it has been corrupted.

Showbox is only available for Good-Spec Phones

Namely ones that are operated via the Android operating system. So, make sure that the version of the app that you have downloaded is compatible and keep on updating it as and when required. Also, make it a point to check whether your ISP is obstructing your stream or not. If so, take the necessary steps to eliminate this problem.

Solutions to some common complaints

If you happen to see that your Showbox app is acting up, do not be scared. In cases like these you always have the option of getting in touch with our customer care executives and sorting matters out. However, this can be a rather lengthy process as you will have to wait for the executive to answer the customers in line before you. So, we implore you to try out some of the solutions before taking the last measure. If a certain video is unavailable at the moment, it is probably because the server is under repair. If it still persists, delete the app and install it again. It may be that it is the fault of your connection, so make sure that your Internet is properly functional. If you Internet connection is not too strong, then adjust the video quality to low enough so that the video can load.